A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Move with "wasd"

Shoot with "arrow keys" 

quit with "q" because nothing happens. He just chases you.

I hope it works because this is my very first game.

made with Love2D, Tiled and Audacity.

 single player



blockageWin.zip 16 MB
blockage 13 MB


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I'll second the comments on the cute art and sounds! It's a solid effort, and I enjoy seeing Love2D getting some love! For a first game, working with Love2D seems great in terms of understanding how everything works and also like quite a challenge since you have to do so much to get from the framework to a game. I hope to see more games from you in the future :)

Thank you so much. I am trying out a new engine next time. Called Ursina Engine. It is pure python I think. Another game framework. I hope I succeed in this next game. When I say succeed I mean actually make and finish it.

Best of luck! I'll have to look into that framework, since most of my experience is Python. I tried Love for a bit and really liked it, and then switched to Godot for a more "high level" experience that I liked better than Unity. If you do want to continue with Love2D, I believe there's a Love-specific jam coming up where you could probably get advice from people who are sharing the struggle!

Python is my go to when I am not using lua. 

I heard of the jam coming up, but I am not participating. The deadline is what stressed me out the most so I won’t be doing that again. At least not any time soon. 

I like Godot too even though I hit a bug all the time with it. Especially with collision and with 3D. I might be using physics wrong. Oh well. 

Cute characters and movement and sounds!  

Thank you. I tried my best.

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I am very sorry about that. I am going to try and fix it. 

Hopefully it works now. I put the wrong code word in. I am very sorry.